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Armitage Leisure Services are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission, Licence Number: 5923
Gambling Permits
In order to allow Gaming Machines/Club Gaming Machines or AWP (Amusement with
Prizes)/Fruit machines on alcohol licenced premises, the premises licence holder       
must  apply for the correct permit or notification.

Clubs - Applications for Club Gaming Permit or Club Machine Permit can be obtained
from your local licensing authority.  For a New Gaming Machine Permit the charge is £150,
for existing permit holders £100 with an annual maintenance fee of £50.

Pubs & Licences Premises - Applications for Notification can be obtained from your
local licensing authority.  There is an initial fee  of £50.
In both cases of clubs & pubs, there is no need to re-apply unless there is a change of
premises licence holder.
We are able to assist in these applications should this be required.
The UK Gambling Commision
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