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Is PPL the same as PRS?
No Phonographic Performance (PPL) is not the same as Performing Rights Society (PRS). 
Whenever you play a sound recording in public there are two separate licence fees that have to be
paid.  One payment goes to PPL, who distribute to record companies, recording artists and
musicians.  The other payment goes to PRS who distribute it to composers and music publishers.
A PPL licence is needed when a sound recording is played in public.  By owning a cd or digital
download purchase, doesn’t give an automatic right to play that recording in public.  There are
different tarriffs for PPL and PRS to reflect the many different ways in which music can be used.
Eg: TV, Radio, Jukebox, Background Systems. If you hire a Music System or Jukebox from a PPL
licenced operator then the operator should obtain the PPL licence for the site.

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